Our Story

The journey that led to Cheekymums started when the founder became a mother.

Those of you who are mothers understand the drastic changes that take place as soon as this new role starts. Not only the physically but emotionally too. Your life often changes drastically.

Most mothers agreed that nothing quite prepares you for motherhood. You have this amazing, loving, unique and wonderful baby that mother nature created and you as a person seem to disappear into oblivion only to be replaced by a multi-tasking (and I don’t mean a mere 3 things at once!) tired, hungry and emotionally drained mother (feel free to add to the list!). Someone who needs more patience than is humanly possible at times! Don't get me wrong children are wonderful and the most important thing in our lives, but often mothers find that they have the need to become ‘Supermum’ and struggle to include their own needs into the equation. Often their own needs are simply forgotten about.

Cheekymums believes that mums need reminding that they are unique individuals and not just someone's mums. They need nurturing and supporting just as much as their children do.

Being creative is one of the first steps in this process. It allows them to nurture their inner selves. Being creative helps mothers to learn and grow and pass on valuable tools to their children. (Please read more on our ‘Get Creative’ page.) It allows them to express themselves and help to teach them to allow their children to express themselves too which is also very important. From an early age children should be allowed to express how they feel whilst parents listen. This doesnt meant that children take charge it merely means that they have a voice.  The old fashioned expresssion 'A child should be seen and not heard' may only lead to future frustrations as the child gets older and enters adolescence and adulthood. 

Cheekymums believes that:

*Mothers are wonderfully unique and need reminding so - they are not just someone’s mum

*Mothers need to find time to be creative and express themselves

*Mothers need to treat themselves instead of others once in a while!




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Cheekymums was set up to empower mothers through self expression. We will be adding exciting new info to the site to help mums to be more creative. All of our products are created for mums by mums. Cheekymums is not only owned, managed and run by mums, it is exclusively for mums.