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Our lovely Handmade Notebook contains 96 pages blank pages (48 leaves) and is spiral bound.

We really hope that you enjoy being creative in this little notebook. The slogan reads...IN MENS TALK, I'VE DONE THE WASHING UP MEANS THAT I'VE CONQUERED THE WORLD AND SAVED ALL HUMAN KIND! FSC certified paper. 15 x 10.5cm.

Great for keeping in your handbag. Or keep one in the draw for when you need a little gift for someone. In fact we take ours everywhere we go, They are invaluable!

The slogan is unique to cheekymums just as you too are unique. Here are some fun ideas on what to do with it:

·         Write your first novel!

·         Write messages to your nearest and dearest

·         Give it to the kids ……Aah, five mins peace!

·         Shopping, or even better still, Wish list

·         A diary

·         A blog

·         Recipe book or Gardening Journal….

·         Things to remember list (enjoy crossing them off!)….the list is endless!

We use FSC certified paper in all of our paper products.

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