Get Creative and 'Me' time


Yes I know, I can hear you all saying 'me' time is great but when as I going to fit it in ? I bet that most of you hardly get time to finish a cup of tea let alone have some time off! But you must. It's really important that you take a few minutes each day to relax, unwind and recharge. 'Me' time doesn't have to be just time spent soaking in a hot bath or reading a book at bed time. It can mean being creative and doing something that inspires you.

We all have a creative streak to us, it's just that some may realise it more than others. Amongst other things, Creativity is your natural problem solver. Unfortunately though it is not recognised enough in today's society.  We need to tap into it and nurture it for both ourselves and for our children. Without it where would we be? It is creativity that leads to houses being designed, bridges  and building being built . Also to clothing and accessories being designed. Music being written, art being created. And so the list goes on...

Creativity engages the mind, is educational, releases stress and can be really enjoyable. It also develops our imagination (much needed when making up stories /excuses for our kids!) and sets a good example to our children. Being creative gives us a much needed sense of achievement boosting our confidence (always a good thing!)

Creativity  will enhance and enrich not just your life but should also enhance the rest of the family’s too. So whether it be cooking with your children, writing that book you always wanted to, telling someone how you really feel about something, starting your own company (see cheekymums ‘UNITED’ networking group info) or creating a wildflower garden (on my ‘to do' list along with the book publishing!) Just enjoy doing these and see the riches evolve.  Perhaps you have always wanted to design a range of handbags or jewellery or even a herb garden.  My son recently created carrot shortbread – very yummy and not bad for a 5yr old! It is so diverse that here is always something for everyone.

And it’s not just doing a hobby. It can be your approach to life and how you deal with various circumstances. It can even mean different things to different people. You are more creative than you think.  Often I’m sure you have found a solution to a problem by doing something different. We often use it when dealing with our children esp. when they are upset about something or as a means to get some vegetables into their dinner without them realising!

The great thing about being creative is that you can either do it by yourself, like the eve class you have wanted to do for years, or as a couple - it can help bond parents, or with a friend or family member. Also, you could get the kids involved and make it a family affair. Or use it as a distraction to help a friend in need.

For children being creative is great and something they naturally want to do. It:

►focuses restless children     ►helps to develop their fine motor skills      ►is good for hand to eye coordination

►helps to lengthen their level of patience      ► teaches them that doing things slowly are sometimes better than rushing things

►is great for their imagination     ► gives them a sense of achievement which boosts their confidence


 Here are some creative things the staff of cheekymums and friends have been up to recently….

* Write a cookery book   * Creating a memory book from a recent holiday with the kids   * Design a house  * Setting up a new business

* Learning a new language   * Attending an eve class   * Joining a local exercise group   * Produce a coffee table photography book

* Learning to swim   * Climb Kilimanjaro   * Complete a marathon   * Learn a new instrument   * Working out how the water softener works!  


So make some time for yourself today....Even just a few minutes......And let your mind explore the possibilities….


Email us at smile AT cheekymums DOT com to let us know what creative projects you have started!   Plus tell us about any creative courses that fellow cheekymums might be interested in.

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