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Putting the FUN into Fundrasing

Cheekymums is proud to be working with Cerco Communications to raise much needed funds for Grove House hospice in St Albans, Hertfordshire. We have been approached to provide the wonderful midnight walkers with some great ideas and tips for fundraising all of course can be used by anyone fundraising for any event. The event is being held on Saturday 25th June 2012 in aid of Grove House. The walk is around the beautiful historic town of St Albans. The Midnight Walk takes place on Saturday 16 June 2012. The 10 mile and 5 mile walks both start at 10.00pm. Registration is open from 8.00pm. There is a non-refundable registration fee is £15 per walker. Happy Walking! for additional walk info please refer to

Some tips on Fundraising……..

Firstly Congratulations on making a difference! You are doing an amazing thing and should be proud of yourself even if you are a regular fundraiser you really should remind yourself of this! Below are some tips to help you get started. Please note that cheekymums is not responsible for any of the contents on this page or any pages/sites linked to this page.

Part 1 – Preparation Remember that if you can’t actually do the walk you can still raise money for Grove House

Start fundraising as soon as possible
The sooner you start, the more you will collect.

Be prepared and Plan Ahead
Remember you plan your fitness training up to the last minute and the same can be applied to fundraising. To avoid last minute panicking and lots of hassle plan ahead. Carry your sponsorship form with you all the time – you never know what opportunities may present themselves!

Make a list of everyone you know. Include friends (home and abroad), family, neighbours, work colleagues managers at work (including your boss or your partners!), acquaintances e.g. through gym classes. Don’t forget about groups you may be a member of both inside and outside of work; e.g. LinkedIn. Use facebook/twitter lists to make sure you haven’t forgotten anyone. You may want to use a different strategy when approaching the different sets of people.

Ask and ye shall receive
Ask family, friends and work colleagues to help fundraise on your behalf. Ask companies, organisations or individuals.  Wherever you have a contact!

Tell People where is the money is going
Make sure that you and your fundraising recruits know exactly where the money will go. For example, ‘£200 pays for a counsellor to help a patient and their family cope with the effects of life-threatening illness’. Bear in mind that most people will be willing to sponsor you and will congratulate you on taking part!

Decide on a £ target Let people know how much you are aiming for. The more ambitious it is the more they are likely to give.

Create your own fundraising page - see for the link to ‘justgiving’ site.

Put the most generous sponsors at the top of your form!
often people will look at your form to see what everyone else is sponsoring you for before they decide how much to give you. So ask the most generous people first and hopefully the others will follow suit! You could even write a suggested donation on the form (in pencil) or on an attached piece of paper. Have an idea of how much you want to ask people for as people may ask you.

Why are you doing this?
Let people know why you doing this event – make it personal. Maybe you know someone that has benefitted from Grove House etc. People can then empathise with you.

Contact details all present and correct?
make sure that you fill out the sponsorship form contact details in full. Especially if you are leaving the form somewhere. Make it easy for people to contact you.

Asking face to face is best
Ideally do face to face asking for sponsorship but if you are writing to people consider a tear off slip to make it easy for them to return and consider a stamp addressed envelope if you can’t pick it up personally.

Spread the word! Use the internet to help you, email, twitter and facebook are a quick and free way to tell the world. Consider using the local/national paper or radio station to make an appeal. Any other publication that you come across e.g. your school/nursery newsletter. Send them a press release. Direct traffic to your justgiviing website.

Keep everyone involved by sending them updaes of your running total that you’ve collected to date. Especially as people genuinely forget to donate. Add a note to your email signature about the event (you may have to check with your boss first).

Ask your boss (or partners boss if you don’t work) if you can send out a group email to all in your office asking for sponsorship. You can always include offices at other locations including  abroad.

See if your boss (or partners boss if you don’t work) can get the event on your work’s website. And enjoy your 10 minutes of fame!

Matched giving schemes
Ask your boss if the company has a ‘matched giving scheme’ where they match their employees’ charitable contributions. If they don’t, suggest that they do as it boosts staff morale, is good for PR opportunities and heightens team work.

Advertise the event
Put notices up at school, work, place of worship, social clubs etc. Include the web address where to donate.

Try and Collect the money in advance. Encourage people to pay online on your justgiving site. But don’t forget there will be some people who don’t have access to the internet. Keep a note of who has and who hasn’t paid. Bank any monies as soon as poss. Keep any cheques safe. Treat your sponsor form like gold!

Don’t forget to thank everyone after the walk and let them know how much you raised and what it means in terms of care/help to Grove House. After all you may just need their help again soon at the next fundraising event!

Lastly, don’t give up! There is always someone around the corner who would be more than happy to help you raise these much needed funds.

GOOD LUCK from us all at cheekymums! - Let us know how much you raise and how you got on!! You never know your friends may ask us to mention you on our ‘List Your Achievements’ page!


Part 2 - Some fun ideas to help you on your way and collect lots of money! Many of them involve the kids which is great fun and educational too.

Try and match your skills and hobbies to the list so that you have lots of fun!

SPECIAL OFFER FOR ST ALBANS MIDNIGHT WALKERS - Buy a mug from our cheekymums website and we will donate £1 for every mug sold to Grove House that you buy. We will also organise free delivery to you if you live in the St Albans area! (Terms and conditions apply) So tell your friends all about this offer!! (free delivery outside St Albans dependent on order size).

Host a dinner party and give your friends a (fun) bill – funds to be donated to the event.

Bake with the kids/family - Sell the results of a family bake-out to friends and colleagues

Hold a garage sale (or car boot) - A great way to de-clutter! Ask your friends and neighbours if they have any unwanted items to donate.

Chocolate Fast (our favourite!) Get your girlie friends to help with this one. Everytime they want to reach for the chocolate ask them to put 10p/20p into a jar instead.  This way they feel great for helping the charity and not guilty for eating the chocolate! (designed by cheekymums)

Host a party – charge an entrance fee – free food or free limited amount of drink (see if you can get a discount/donation from local supermarket)

Quiz night at local pub or at work in canteen

Non–uniform day at school or a casual dress day at work – charge for the privilege! E.g. £1 per person.

Mother’s/Father’s Helper – charge your friends for the use of help for the day/hour . Get your friends to do be a helper too! Helper can help with chores e.g. Washing up, menu planning (great for ideas), do the ironing, clean the kitchen, wash the car etc. the list is endless!

Teddy Bears Picnic - Have a picnic in the local park – the kids will love it! Charge an entrance fee to include a free picnic. Organise some fun games – making teddy cards, pass the teddy (instead of pass the parcel!) Play hide and seek the teddy. Even the sandwiches you make can be teddy shaped! Get your kids and their friends to make the teddy invites.

Busking - Get the kids busking at your next family gathering.

Shop at our online shop on this site - £1 donated for every mug you buy from us.

Sports Day - In the local park, in your garden or maybe in a gym/hall if you can get it for free! Think of games where you can make money e.g. sack race and losers pays 10p forfeit. Entrance fees, refreshments, certificates for winners, etc can all be chargeable. Suitable for both adults and kids. If doing a kids one consider treasure hunt, mini sack race, egg and spoon race (or potato and spoon race!) a scooter/bike etc. race, a running race.  Either charge an entrance fee or for refreshments – plus get the kids to collect their own sponsorship! Who can say no to a cute kid!

Car wash  - Give out flyers in advance

Recipes – we all know how difficult it is to think of meal ideas especially if you have fussy kids! Get your friends to give out copies of their favourite recipes and each time someone cooks one of them they have to pay a fee (check any copyright claims).

Food boxes – make school lunch boxes for your kids class mates for a week and charge for them. Do the same for parent and even offer to cook supper and sell it to friends and neighbours. You can batch bake and freeze the extras so you have plenty for yourself too! (check allergies etc. first!).

School train – offer to pick up/drop your friends kids to school for a week (if driving make sure you have suitable car seats).

Play dates – charge to look after your friends kids!

Kids Cookathon – get your kids friends over and bake – sell their parents the results.

Homework! – help your friends kids with their homework – charge their parents. Think laterally maybe you can cook with them to  help with their maths or do some gardening to help with their.

Raffle with a difference – The prize is half the takings -  so the more you and your friends sell the more they win! Sell tickets wherever you can!

Balloon Release - This is a great idea and the kids will love it too as they can get involved. You sell helium balloon to people and attached to the balloon is a card with their contact details on and how to return the card when found. The balloons are released en masse and float off into the sky (hopefully!). You set an end date and the winner is the one that travelled the furthest. Great for kids’ geography lesson!

Bingo – cash prizes are donated to the charity (either part or full). The prize is a percentage of the entrance fee.

Drawing Competitions – great for people’s egos! Get the kids to judge it! Charge a minimum entry fee e.g. 50p or per drawing (10p)

Get crafty – for all those budding artists out there – make your own hand-made items donating a percentage to the charity.

Get connected – contact everyone you know who owns their own retail business (online and offline) and ask if they would donate a percentage of their taking for a day/week/month. Its great PR for them! They can put a sign in a shop window or an advert on their website.

Charity Waxing – get the men in your life to get waxed – legs, arms, you name it! I’m sure they can get sponsored easily for this – sell tickets too!

Dog/Cat/Budgeries etc. Show

Sell online at ‘ebay for charities’ – you can donate a percentage of your sales directly to your charity when you sell via ebay.

Challenge – set up a challenge between 2/3 people. For example who’s the fastest runner, quickest at making a cake etc?  to make it more fun how about involving the kids – they could be the best at making a Lego tower or doing their homework. The challengers are then issued with supporter's cards which they sell at £1.00 or so each to other colleagues/friends. Supporter's names are written on the cards. After the challenge the cards supporting the race winner are entered into a prize draw. You need to come up with a prize. As you can imagine selling tickets to supporters’ may become quite competitive and of course some people will buy a ticket for each of the challengers which is great as its more money for your cause!

Baby photo competition – you can do this either at work or via nursery/school. Get pictures of each other as a kid and display them. If you don’t work you can do this at your home. Charge to have a guess and give out a small prize to the person who gets the most right. No one can resist this one a it’s such fun!

Small coin jar – put a jar/container at the office, in the reception at your child’s nursery, anywhere you can think of and ask people to pop their spare change into. No real work involved here! To make it more fun have a list by each jar stating where the jars are and see if you can get people to enter into a penny war – who can fill up the jar the first – this works better in a large place where you can leave several jars and where people all know each other (for example the sales team don’t want to beat the accounts dept).

Any special event coming up? If so ask for no presents but for a donation instead.

Sales team – if you work in a company with a sales team ask your boss if for a week the sales team can donate a percentage of the comapnies sales to your charity. This will impress their customs and be fun for the sales team and hopefully boost sales. A good PR idea too.

Get the kids gardening – plant some flowers and vegetable – involve the kids too they’ll love it. Leave the newly grow – or still growing plants outside your house and put up a sign telling people that walk passed what the cause is and how much you want for the plants. You can also ask them to return the pots if nec to keep the project really low cost.

Krafy kids – get a group of your kids friends around and get them making stuff. Anything from popcorn necklaces to fairy cakes and sell them to friends and family and other kids. How can granny say no to a home-made necklace?!

Bulk buy – buy items such as wine, Tupperware and toilet paper in bulk and sell to your friends.

Write an eBook – any budding authors out there?

Wine tasting eve – most wine tasting events are run in conjunction with a wine merchant. They will usually offer the sample wines, the tasting expertise and the opportunity for your customers to buy wine at a good price. They can then sell their wine and promote their company in return. Usually the charity will receive a percentage of sales from orders taken at the event. This is not always huge but once you have people at your event of course there are other opportunities to raise funds such as a raffle and refreshments etc.

Walk to school/work – get people to walk to work/school and donate their travel money. Your employee should love this idea as its great exercise and team building. You could work out which people walk which route and make it a social event. Who knows what it might lead to?! (Just make sure that it is safe for single people walking with strangers.)

A silent auction – private bids are made for great prizes. Get your friends to donate unwanted gifts or see if you can pull some strings with companies and see if they will donate items.

Taste and Smellathon – hold a small party at home. Lay a tray out of a dozen or so items and blindfold people. They have to guess what the item is by smelling it. The same is for the taste game but obviously they have to taste the item blindfolded. Kids love this game and it can incorporated into another event if nec. I’m sure you can add to the party game list but this one just gets you started. You could always approach companies for free food e.g. cupcakes (watch for allergies).

International Day – Invites people to an international food extravaganza. Invites your guests to buy a ticket and bring a dish from different parts of the world co-ordinating what people bring. This is great to involve the kids – get them to make flags for each different country and show them on the map where everything comes from. Great for fussy eaters!  

Karaoke Night – beg or borrow a microphone/karaoke kit or pop down to your local restaurant that has one. Charge entrance fee (people would love to see their friends/work colleagues get embarrassed!) and offer drink and/or food.

Swop Shop – arrange a coffee morning with a small fee for friends so that they can swop their kid’s toys and even their own items (clothes etc.). Or have free entrance and pay a small fee per swap.




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