Cheekymums mugs

WELCOME to the world of cheekymums where all of our producs are created for someone special (that's YOU!)

So treat yourself today to something that will make you laugh! Put the kids and partner on pause (you may need a remote control for that part!) and take a few minutes out of your busy day and enjoy browsing our online shop. It won't break the bank...honest!

‘‘Only the best, darling!’’

Our delightful range of mugs are made from fine bone china.   

Each mug has a different slogan and comes in a choice of two colours - pink or blue. The handles have all the same stripey design in either pink or blue (to match the slogan colour) and the inside picture is the same for all designs in both the pink and the blue. The bases are the same for all, with a pink base on the pink mugs and a blue one on the blue mugs.

It's simple - choose the slogan/s and then choose a colour (either pink or blue).                      

All of our products are produced in the UK in the Potteries and designed for both right and left handed people.  We wanted to make sure that the design, both the inside and outside, could be used for both left handed and right handed users. I bet there aren't many mugs out there that are! (Look at the picture inside the mug and you'll see!)

The mugs are all dishwasher and microwave safe.

All our slogans are unique to cheekymums – so if you see them elsewhere then they aren’t the genuine article!


We hope that you and your lovely friends enjoy our products for many years to come!


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Cheekymums was set up to empower mothers through self expression. We will be adding exciting new info to the site to help mums to be more creative. All of our products are created for mums by mums. Cheekymums is not only owned, managed and run by mums, it is exclusively for mums.